Full Name
Chad Byler
Job Title
Director of RDE, Systems Imaging
IDEX Health & Science
Speaker Bio
Master’s degree in Optics, University of Rochester 2014
Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2006
Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2006
US 10,670,844 B2: High Etendue Modular Lens Assembly with Afocal Zoom Having Five Lens Groups
US 10,670,843 B2: High Etendue Lens Assembly with Large Zoom Range
US 10,670,842 B2: High Etendue Zoom Lens Having Five Lens Groups
US 10,401,598 B2: Lens Attachment for a High Etendue Modular Zoom Lens
Director of Engineering, R&D Imaging Systems
Team specializing in design, build, and product launch of high NA biological imaging systems.
Lens design of high NA objectives and test of systems inclusive of super resolution illumination techniques.
Optical Lens Designer and Manager of New Product Development
Design of custom lenses in the fields of flight simulation, finite conjugate macro imaging, mission critical naval lens, and many more.
Design, test, and procedure development of biological imaging module inclusive of custom optics, oblique illuminator, and camera alignment.
Design of catalogue lenses for the wide angle fisheye projection market.
Design of high NA zoom lens and associated magnification attachments to expand company catalogue offering.
Chad Byler