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High-Power Extreme Brightness Blue Lasers for Volume Manufacturing Welding and 3D Printing

Since its introduction in 2017, the blue industrial laser has changed the game for metal-processing applications.  The blue laser made its first mark by demonstrating an unmatched capability to rapidly produce high-quality copper welds.  Advances in power and brightness quickly followed that initial success, bringing high-quality and speed to processing of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and many other reflective metals.  Technical advances now also make it easy to integrate the blue laser with standard industrial scanning systems and other automated production facilities.  The advantages in speed and quality enable new efficiencies in consumer electronics, battery fabrication, and emobility applications.

Mark Zediker
Mark Zediker - NUBURU
A Novel Approach to Coating Curved and 3D Surfaces

Sputter coating curved and 3D surfaces with a novel technology to enable new applications.

David Douglass
David Douglass - Denton Vacuum
Next-Generation Lasers for Industrial LiDAR

From laser levels and surveying equipment, to advanced robotics, range finders and LiDAR mapping systems, today’s products demand enhanced vision components with innovative performance, robust designs and added value engineering. Excelitas next-generation Pulsed Laser Diode emitters and high-performance Avalanche Photodiode sensors empower the vision of tomorrow by extending range, reducing power requirements and keeping projects on spec and on budget.

Denis Boudreau
Denis Boudreau - Excelitas
Advantages of Rotary Surface Grinding Glass Components

Surface grinders have come a long way in both precision and technology in the last decade. DougHenke, DCM Technical Specialist, will briefly discuss some of the advantages of these new technologies.

Doug Henke
Doug Henke - DCM
Ultrafast Laser Optics

Over the last few years, ultrafast lasers have become instrumental in a wide range of applications such as material processing and microscopy. Edmund Optics provides customers with complete ultrafast optical solutions through significant investments in internal laser optics manufacturing and metrology as well as through strategic partnerships. 

Tony Karam
Tony Karam - Edmund Optics Inc