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PhotonicsNXTs a free, online educational event focused on scientific advances, photonics R&D, application solutions, and more. Learn about advances in these key areas:

Optical Design & Simulation Software ● 3D OCT for Industry ● LiDAR ● Micro 3D Printing
Optical Metrology ● Spectroscopy ● Optical Coatings ● Pump Lasers
2D Mirror Applications ● Precision Micromachining

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Justine Murphy, Senior Editor of Laser Focus World

PhotonicsNXT is produced by the teams of Laser Focus World, BioOptics World, and Industrial Laser Solutions.

Must-See Keynote:

"How Lidar Is Powering Automated Driving"

Pierrick Boulay, Senior Analyst, Yole Devéloppement

Don't miss this keynote session at PhotonicsNXT, which will provide an overview of the Lidar ecosystem and show how Lidar is being used within the auto industry for ranging and imaging. Boulay will explain ways that Lidar is integrated into vehicles, the software challenges engineers are facing with Lidar, and the components that the auto industry uses for light emission and photodetection.

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Pierrick Boulay, Yole Développement

Highlighted Technical Sessions:

"LiDAR Laser & Optics Discussion" 

Leon Li, Focuslight Technologies

Focuslight Technologies, with its Automotive Business Unit dedicated to automotive photonics market, continues to make contributions to  automotive LiDAR technology with its unique laser and optical components and integrated laser transmitter solutions. Learn what to consider when selecting laser sources and optical components for LiDAR system design, and explore current challenges and trends in the LiDAR industry. 

"Integration Challenges with AI and Camera Systems"

Arthur Stout, Teledyne FLIR

See the challenges with training neural networks and integrating them with digital camera systems.  It will also include information on the new class of vision processor units designed to run neural networks at the edge with high performance and low power demand.  

"Unparalleled Die Bonding Flexibility for Next Gen Photonics Packages"    

Kyle Schaefer, Palomar Technologies

A key challenge with photonics packaging is meeting performance goals while squeezing while shrinking its footprint. Learn about the challenges of photonics packaging, why die bonding flexibility is important, and what features/options to look for.

"How to Manage Mid-Spatial Frequency Errors on Optical Surfaces"    

Jessica Nelson, Optimax

Mid-spatial frequency (MSF) errors or periodic ripple left behind from sub-aperture manufacturing techniques can degrade image quality and cause blur. This presentation gives an overview of MSF errors and offers suggestions about measuring, specifying and reducing MSF errors on optical surfaces..

"Measuring Laser Beams With High Accuracy: Trends and Challenges"

Félicien Legrand, Gentec-EO

 If you are not already measuring your laser systems, this session will help you understand why doing so can add value to your products or research. This session shows the most important factors to consider when selecting your laser measurement equipment and will show the most significant technologies and application trends. 

"OpticStudio STAR Module and Full System Modelling with the Zemax Suite"

Esteban Carbajal, Zemax

Learn how complex thermal and structural effects can be understood in high-power laser systems and how Zemax tools empower intelligent design decisions and streamlined workflows. Easily build STOP analysis into your optical design workflows, and analyze the impact of structural and thermal loads on your optical designs.

"Revitalizing the U.S. Optics Industry"

Tom Battley, American Center for Optics Manufacturing (AmeriCOM)

AmeriCOM — a partnership between private industry, academia, and the U.S. government — is driving the revitalization of the optics industry’s workforce, manufacturing technology, and sustainability. In this talk, learn how Americom will help boost the domestic precision optics sector to solve technical challenges and secure the supply chain.

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